If you don't really care about bike touring but just want to follow our journey

If you're a friend or family member (or harmless stranger) who knows one or both of us—or just someone who enjoys a bit of traveling writing from folks they've never met—and you want to follow our bike journey around the world but you totally don't care about things like gear reviews and road reports and cyclist-specific tips for biking here or there, this page is for you. 

Elsewhere on the site, our blog rolls and pages and email subscription boxes are a catch-all for the things we post. But below is a collection of only blog posts about us and our tripnone of that other stuff like what direction is best for biking around Iceland or which bike trails between Pittsburgh and DC are paved and which are not, which may be really helpful for someone but really boring for you. Click any of these posts to read more about our trip, or if you want to go more than thirty posts back (which is all you'll see below), click here to just filter out everything but the "Lauren and Jay" pieces site-wide. For a quick introduction to us and our trip, click here.

If you don't really want to keep checking in for updates but would like to get an email whenever we post one (again, about our trip and none of the other stuff), just drop your email below. Thanks for taking an interest in our adventure! If you need anything, you know how to reach us.