We want to do our small part in helping shed a little light on the wonderful world of slow, simple, sustainable, and self-supported travel.

Content on this site is broadly divided into two categories: travel stories and reflections from our trip, and things we've learned that might help others get started on a trip like ours (things like how much we've spent, our pre-departure planning, place-specific information, and general tips.) There's a search bar at the very, very bottom of every page you can use to dig through the entire site and find what you're looking for.

Updates are totally dependent on our time and our internet connection. Sometimes they're frequent, and sometimes we're pretty blissfully disconnected for weeks at a time. Our writing station is a cell phone, a small wireless keyboard, and a flat surface, so while we're able to upload new, text-heavy posts pretty easily, actually editing and reformatting static pages like this one gets done less often. 

Oh, one more thing: unless otherwise noted, everything on this site is freely available for you to use under a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license, meaning that you're welcome to copy, redistribute, and remix anything you see as long as it's attributed to Simply Cycling and not used for commercial purposes. A heads-up (or if you're feeling really generous, a small donation) is nice, but totally unnecessary. To learn more about the Creative Commons, click here.