The good and bad of cycling Iceland

A few months back, I wrote about some things that might be good to know before bike touring around Iceland. Stuff like what weather to expect, where to camp, and how much to budget (oh, and how to get there and which way to travel). Those tips, I hope, captured the logistics of traveling Iceland by bike, but they didn't necessarily capture the experience of doing so. Iceland offers plenty of ups and downs along the way—things that make biking there a pleasure, and things that make it really, really difficult at times. Here are a few of them to consider.

What to know about cycling Iceland

Kilometer for kilometer, Iceland may just be one of the most diverse, unique, and beautiful places on earth. From lush green farmland to spiky alien lava fields to a mind-boggling abundance of waterfalls, the little island packs a lot in. As such, it's a popular cyclist destination, and it isn't difficult to find lots and lots of really great and really comprehensive bike-specific information before setting out. Here's our take, based on a month of exploration in July of 2016.

What to know about biking from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC via the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath

In April 2016, I rode from the Pittsburgh Airport back home to Washington, DC via the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal Towpath. The overwhelming majority of this route—spanning 300+ miles—is set on lovely, car-free paths and rail trails through the forest, snaking along a series of slow-moving rivers. It's a very easy (albeit sluggish) journey, and a great introduction to bike touring. Here are a few things worth knowing.

What to know about cycling southern Morocco

In February 2016, I headed to Morocco for my very first cycling trip. Starting in Marrakesh and heading south over the Atlas Mountains via the Tizi n'Test pass, I traveled to Tafrout and onwards to the southern Moroccan coast—requiring two climbs over the Anti-Atlas range—before reaching Sidi Ifni, turning north to Essaouria, and returning to Marrakesh at the end of the month. It was a challenging, rewarding, amazing journey; here are a few things I learned en route.

Why cycling Iceland counter-clockwise is a really good idea

If you're planning to circumnavigate Iceland—or cover any distance on the island, really—you'll first need to decide which way to travel. The internet seems to lean in favor of cycling clockwise, from Reykjavik to Akuryri and continuing on, citing prevailing winds. Thankfully, we ignored this advice during our ride, for a few good reasons.